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Lawn Mowing

The grass does feel greener after lawn mowing! Well-kept turf adds beauty to any property. So if you're looking for a more reliable lawn mower, Morales Lawn Care & Landscaping can help. We are here to get the job done quickly and correctly! Our goal is to keep you and your neighbors happy.

Leaf Blowing & Cleanup

While it's fun to jump into a pile of leaves in the fall, it's not fun when a neighbor tells you it's time to clean. To avoid receiving a notice about that pile of leaves, Morales Lawn Care & Landscaping offers leaf blowing and cleanup services. These services also ensure that your lawn is free from debris and miscellaneous material from the ground, not just leaves.

Bush Trimming

Bushes grow faster than you think, and they can take over your lawn if you don't invest in bush trimming. To keep them in shape and healthy, Morales Lawn Care & Landscaping's bush trimming services improve the appearance of your lawn. After a trim, you might notice more light shining on your property. It's also a good look!


Growing trees and plants requires moisture. When trying to grow a tree, the sun can get in the way and cause the moisture to evaporate. With a bit of mulch, the water in your soil takes longer to evaporate. Morales Lawn Care & Landscaping's mulching services are affordable, making your life easier.

Small Tree Cutting

Morales Lawn Care & Landscaping will gladly remove small trees in the way. Our small tree cutting services keep everyone safe and happy. The team will gladly come and perform a free estimate for cutting down a tree. That way, you know exactly what the process will entail.


Clean-cut lawns always look good. With edging services from Morales Lawn Care & Landscaping, it's easier than ever to put edges between your grass and sidewalks. Edging requires special manual and power tools and cannot be done with a lawnmower. Our team has everything necessary for this lawn care treatment.

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